Vinyl entrance doors are made from quality profiles of the German manufacturer SCHÜCO. Two entrance door profile systems are available: the standard CORONA CT 70 and the more energy-efficient CORONA SI 82. The vinyl profiles have corrosion-protected metal reinforcements.

According to their characteristics, the entrance door models are divided into four series, which will certainly help you find a product to your liking in our wide selection. At your request, the doors can be equipped with an electric door opener, a 5-point security lock for better security, safety glass or additional security elements from our product range.



  • Door series
  • Profiles
  • Glazing
  • Surface colours
  • Hardware

CT Series

Available in white or decor colours, with some models in white only. 




Ct 01-as 871



M Series

The models are available in white and in the selection of imitation wood decors.




M 19









    • Multi-chamber vinyl profiles, 70 or 82 mm thick
    • Thermal transmittance coefficient: 1.5 W/m2K
    • Profiles manufactured in line with the DIN EN ISO II63:PVC-U,EDLP 078-25-28 standard
    • Steel reinforcement profiles with corrosion protection
    • Hard PUR foam core fillers are produced in accordance with the DIN 4108 standard 


    Two entrance door profile systems are available: the standard CORONA CT 70 and the more energy-efficient CORONA SI 82.


    • We offer a wide array of thermal and sound insulating glass and safety glass 
    • Large selection of ornaments and stained glass windows according to your wishes. 
    • Glass finishing with various films, glass accessories, sandblasting, etc.
Steklo 13


Pvc Paleta
    • RAL colours 
    • Wood decor imitations 
    • Metallic colours 
    Structured surfaces 


In our offering, we have a wide variety of colour surfaces, including surfaces with a metallic appearance, wood decor imitations, structured surfaces and colours according to the RAL chart. The films used on the vinyl profiles are proven and highly weather- and wearproof. With a wide range of colour surfaces available, we are confident that you will be able to find a nuance to suit your taste.


Download vinly colours

    • High-quality hinge system featuring 3D-adjustability
    • 3- or 5-point leaf security lock 
    • Various opening mechanisms: outwards, fingerprint lock, electric lock, etc.
    • Optional installation of extra security elements
Okovje 13



M 13 1 M 17M 19

Door configurator

Design your own door with door configurator.

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