Wooden entrance doors are made from choice fir/spruce, pine, meranti, larch or oak wood in two basic designs: frame construction (CLASSIC product family) and sandwich construction (MODERN product family).

The doors are available as single- or double-leaf variants, with transom lights and sidelights, in sizes specified by the buyer.

All entrance doors are factory fitted with a triple locking mechanism and a special hinge system for easy adjustment. Electrical locking is also available and, for even higher security, doors can be fitted with a 5-point security lock and additional security systems, including safety glass.


  • Design
  • Security
  • Technical details
  • Wood types and colours
  • Variants
  • Hardware and glazing

Antico Series


HCA 603-SG 317

Klassico Series


HCK 411

Neoklassico Series


HCN 728 Fk 26

Rustico Series


HCR 502

The standard built-in quality hardware and other opening/closing and locking elements make sure that your front door is a major obstacle for burglars. In terms of security, the doors can be further upgraded and equipped with elements that make them easier and more practical to use.

  • Built-in 3- or 5-point security lock
  • 3D-adjustable hinge system with high load bearing capacity – Baka PROTECT 4010 3D FD.
  • Optional biometric fingerprint door lock
  • Optional security pin to prevent removal of leaf
  • Optional installation of a security cylinder
  • Safety glass


Schüco HomeControl security system: check the open/closed status of windows and doors using a central unit


The standard door leaf thickness is 68 mm. The door leaf mullions feature
aluminium or steel stabilisers to prevent leaf twisting. High-quality standard hinge system with 3D-adjustability – Baka PROTECT 4010 3D FD. 3- or 5-point security lock. Various opening mechanisms: outwards, fingerprint lock, electric lock, etc.



Our entrance doors are available in spruce, larch, pine, oak or meranti wood.

We have a wide range of glazes and enamels available in line with the Inles and RAL colour charts, including the possibility of combining two-colour variants.

  • Glazes
  • RAL colours
Ral Eng
    • RAL colours 
    • Wood decor imitations 
    • Metallic colours 
    Structured surfaces  


The following door variants are possible:

  • Double-leaf doors
  • Double-leaf doors with a transom light
  • Double-leaf doors with a sidelight
  • Double-leaf doors with two sidelights
  • Single-leaf doors
  • Single-leaf doors with a transom light
  • Single-leaf doors with a sidelight
  • Single-leaf doors with two sidelights



    • High-quality standard hinge system featuring 3D-adjustability – Baka PROTECT 4010 3D FD
    • 3- or 5-point security lock.
    • Various opening mechanisms: outwards, fingerprint lock, electric lock, etc.
Biometrisches Zugangssysteme
    • We offer a wide array of thermal and sound insulating glass and safety glass 
    • Large selection of ornaments and stained glass windows according to your wishes. 
    • Glass finishing with various films, glass accessories, sandblasting, etc.
  Steklo 10 

Door configurator

Design your own door with door configurator.

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