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Naslovnica Eng

 Wood and wood / alu  windows




Naslovnica Eng

 Aluminium doors and  windows


Naslovnica Eng

 Wood and wood alu  doors




Naslovnica Eng

 Vinly and vinly / alu  windows and doors 


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Kager hiše



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Green Village Ruševec is a tourist provider of sustainable, ecological/green tourism in the Pohorje Natura 2000 Natural Reserve Park. Our boutique apartments, eco lodges and wellness facility offer pampering for families, couples, cyclists, hikers, skiers and others. The tourist offer’s added value lies in the permaculture design of Green Village Ruševec, featuring the Permaculture Circle Ruševec, which includes ten sites: a herbal garden, apiary, ecological centre, heat pump, constructed wetland, wooden lodges, green roof construction, water reservoir, natural bio pond and raised garden beds. 


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Panorama 30A1000


Window U-value calculation 

Check calculations heat transfer of all our windows in combination with a variety of glazing.