Insect screens are an effective protection against annoying insects for all types of windows. 

Available in various designs, colours and sizes.

Can be installed as a standalone product or as an addition to external window shutters. Available in combination with roller blinds, exterior Venetian blinds and shutters.

  • Variants and opening methods
  • Advantages of insect screens
  • Colours


Tip1 Tip2 Tip3
TYPE ISG 0 -1 TYPE ISG 1 - 0 TYPE ISG 1 - 1    


pull-down (for windows)

TYPE ISG 1 - 0
sliding (for balcony doors)

TYPE ISG 1 - 1
sliding from both sides
(for French doors and panoramic 
sliding windows)

  • Universal protection from all kinds of annoying insects
  • Can be integrated into exterior shutters (inside the roller blind headbox or under the exterior Venetian blinds) in addition to standalone installation
  • Various models (roll-up, fixed, sliding, screen doors)
  • Free flow of fresh air without the intrusion of annoying insects even when windows are open
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Does not restrict view through window
  • Insect screen mesh is UV-stable


You can choose from the following insect screens

Drsni Komarniki    Sliding Plisirani Komarniki    Pleated
Fiksni Komarniki   Fixed Rolo Komarniki   Roll-up
Integrirani Komarniki   Integrated Vratni Komarniki   Door screens




RAL colours

Ralrjava Ralbela
RAL 8014 Sepia Brown RAL 9010 White


Anodised colours

 Eloks1 Eloks2  Eloks3 
 Natural Anodised  Medium Bronze  Dark Bronze


Metallic colours 

 Kovinske1  Kovinske2
 Brown Green 
Integrirani KomarnikiFiksni KomarnikiVratni Komarniki

Window U-value calculation 

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