Exterior Venetian blinds are generally installed on the external side of glazed surfaces but can also be used to screen rooms, balconies, terraces, etc.

They allow you to preserve heat and guard against sunlight. 


  • Slat types
  • Guides
  • Advantages of exterior venetian blinds
  • Operating blinds

The following slats can be installed in all types of exterior blinds.

C -65 C-65 mm slat
C 80 C-80 mm slat
F 80 F-80 mm slat
Z -75 Z-75 mm slat

Guides differ according to variants of external blinds.

18x 24 18 x 24 mm guide
Žično Vodilo Wire guide
53x 90 53 x 90 mm guide
31x 87 31 x 87 mm guide



Superior protection

Venetian blinds protect your room from weather, especially from direct sunlight and room overheating. They are also appropriate for shading large areas (openings of greater sizes).

Light regulation

By regulating the slats angle, the blinds enable you to control the amount of light and privacy in a room. Even in a rolled-down state, they still allow light in the room, which is their advantage compared to other exterior shades.


Our blinds are rigid and stable even in adverse weather conditions due to their C- or Z-shaped slats (slats have rounded edges and are placed in aluminium guide rails).

Long service life

Our windows are of superior quality and have a long service life.

Non-standard shapes

Non-standard shapes are possible (for angled windows).

Modern design

The blinds are made from quality materials and in modern colours, so they give your houses and buildings a modern look.

Ease of use

The blinds are very easy to use. At your request, they can be controlled using an electric motor.


 Ma _palica  Crank handle
 Elektricno _upravljanje  Electric

Window U-value calculation 

Check calculations heat transfer of all our windows in combination with a variety of glazing.