Tips and instructions 

To ensure the best experience possible when using our products, we have prepared some tips and instructions for you. 

We have answered some frequently asked questions, e.g. why we are cold by a window and why condensation occurs on windows. 

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  • Instructions
  • Why choose Inles?
  • CE mark


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Instructions for installing doors with a biometric entry system:

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    LED Lucke    Biometrisches Zugangssysteme  


Why buy Inles wooden windows?

  • Professional installation and installation control
  • After-sales service
  • Many years of tradition
  • A wide range of products suitable for ECO Fund subsidies
  • Quick delivery
  • Flexible production


  • Guaranteed use of highest quality wood
  • High-quality electrostatic coating
  • Products are made of premium quality materials
  • Most advanced technology in Slovenia
  • Biggest exporter of windows in Slovenia – we meet all Western standards
  • Austrian glass manufacturer

The CE (Conformité Européenne in French – European compliance) mark is obligatory on many products within the single market in the European Economic Area (EEA). The mark confirms that the product complies with the essential requirements on consumer safety, health and environmental protection, as defined by EU guidelines or regulations.



Inles Upravna StavbaNova Zaga V Ribnici  Zgrajena Leta 1985_KAM3365_full Res

Window U-value calculation 

Check calculations heat transfer of all our windows in combination with a variety of glazing.