Lift-slide panoramic windows are easy and practical to open and can be designed in large sizes for plenty of natural light. Reduced threshold for lower step-over. Windows like these are very common in modern construction and can be installed in all types of buildings.

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  • Three models of panoramic windows, available in all materials
  • High-quality, structurally solid and durable profiles
  • Large dimensions and various window compositions and assemblies
  • Static calculations for larger assemblies
  • Models with threshold steps
  • Large selection of glass types with superior thermal and acoustic performance and solar energy transmittance
  • Certified and tested products
  • Warranty and reliable after-sales services
  • Secure purchase
KAGER-HISE_002_MG_0013DvižnodrsnePanoramska Stena -Thermo Slide

Window U-value calculation 

Check calculations heat transfer of all our windows in combination with a variety of glazing.