This is a PASSIVE wood/aluminium window with a core made from hard PUR insulation foam. The 110 mm thick wooden profiles with aluminium cladding on the outside give the product a solid wood appearance. The built-in PUR insulation foam has no impact on the product’s external appearance and improves its thermal characteristics to the extent that it is suitable for use in passive and better low-energy buildings.

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ISO-110 EF Plus

Energy-saving window with angular lines that nicely match the architecture of modern buildings.The thickness of the wooden profiles gives the product a dominant and impressive appearance.


















We offer a broad selection of colour coatings for wood in compliance with the Inles and RAL colour charts. The coatings are water based and environmentally friendly.



All of the aluminium cladding is powder-coated, which is more eco-friendly and provides excellent quality and stability of the painted surfaces. We offer various shades of metallic colours, imitation wood decor and colours in line with the RAL colour chart.



Inles carries out surface treatment using environmentally-friendly protective coatings, which are the main factor in the longevity, durability and appearance of wood products. At Inles, we have dedicated a lot of attention to the matter and are proud of our robotic electrostatic final coating of wood products. With a wide range of shades available, we are confident that you will be able to find a nuance to suit your taste.


  • The undercoating agent protects the wood from fungi and insects and evens any colour differences in the wood.
  • The intermediate layer seals off any pores in the wood for an even and smooth surface.
  • During the final robotic electrostatic stage, the coating is evenly applied across the entire surface of the workpiece, producing a more durable and visually sophisticated product.

Glass covers the major part of the window area and has a significant impact on the thermal and acoustic performance of the window. The glass also lets natural light and solar energy into the room.


The following options are available for the ISO-110 EF Plus wooden window:

  • Aluminium, stainless steel or plastic spacers
  • Thermal transmittance of glass: Ug from 0.5 to 0.7 W/m2K 
  • Acoustic performance of glass: Rw from 32 to 37 dB
  • Solar energy transmittance of glass: g-values from 34% to 50%
  • Various safety glass and muntin grille designs


The panes are sealed using permanent elastic seals that match the colour of the product. Inles windows use glass that is produced in Slovenia by the quality Austrian manufacturer Ertl glas.

Have a look at the comprehensive selection of Inles thermal and sound insulating glass and safety glass.


Builders’ joinery openings are the only way for bad guys to enter your home. This is why it is important to choose products with a high level of security.

Inles building hardware features a high level of security (RC1) that can be upgraded even further. For the ISO-110 EF PLUS wood/aluminium window, we offer the following:

  • Tested equipment with a grade RC2 security level certificate
  • MVS contact elements with window opening indicator (alarm)
  • Sponge-like closing members that prevent the casement from being removed from the frame
  • Various models and safety glass levels


Rc2 Eng 


 Certifikat WK2



Grade RC1 security hardwere 

Additional security - the RC2 hardwere 

The ISO-110EF PLUS wooden window is a technically sophisticated and tried and tested product. The rich standard equipment and quality of built-in materials ensure that even the standard windows meet and indeed exceed the market’s requirements. The product has been tested at reputable institutes and features excellent thermal transmittance, airtightness and watertightness.


Technical brochure

Read the brochure on the equipment, possible implementations and thermal performance of the product.


Download the brochure


        CE mark

The product is labelled with the CE marking and is compliant with EU directives on free marketability on the EU market.


Declaration of Conformity   Ico CE Znak



  • The wooden corner joints on the frame and casement are the mortise and tenon type, which is the strongest joint available in window frame construction
  • The aluminium cladding is attached to the wooden frame using plastic clamps that prevent direct contact of aluminium and wood and enable air circulation and venting of moisture from the intermediate space
  • We use only quality wood that meets the RAL quality criteria according to DIN 68360
  • Triple-layer surface treatment using electrostatic wood coating
  • Powder-coated aluminium cladding
  • High level of security of the standard hardware
  • Permanent elastic seals ensure superior airtightness and watertightness, which are constantly controlled using our own testing machine
  • Certified and tested product
  • Optional thermally modified spruce wood
  • Broad selection of muntin grilles, glass types, handles, colours and coatings for wooden and aluminium surfaces, etc.

Window U-value calculation 

Check calculations heat transfer of all our windows in combination with a variety of glazing.